Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Your New House

First of all, this is a shameless plug for my house, which sits on one end of an aqueduct trail in Natick, Massachusetts, 1.3 miles from the Natick Community Organic Farm and the local elementary school. It just went on the market for $589,000, and there should be an Open House on Sunday May 7th.

The house’s details and photos can be found on newenglandmoves.com or Realtor.com by town and price, or by MLS number 70376174


The house, at 160 Cottage Street, Natick, has 4 bedrooms and 1.5 baths, 1900 square feet and 1.37 acres. Part of the land is the aqueduct path itself. In advance of putting my house on the market we sold the town a hiking easement to ensure that the trail’s current but unofficial use will be able to continue (i.e., hiking, skiing and biking are good, but no horses due to erosion issues, and no motor vehicles except for aqueduct maintenance).

Anyone wanting to use the trail in either direction is welcome, despite the legal fiction No Trespassing sign still on my property (put up by the MWRA, not me, presumably to reduce their liability if someone gets injured on this very flat and easy trail).

It’s been great living here, in large part because of this trail, which gives my wife in particular the opportunity to bike the children down to the school playground and organic farm (basically a free zoo), and to meet the many neighbors who walk their dogs and bike and cross country ski here. The wild turkeys crossing the back yard are pretty cool too.