Monday, June 20, 2005

My newly completed trellis (details below). Posted by Hello


Diana LaMarre said...

Very nice. I have always wanted a rustic trellis. It looks like that will be a nice shady spot to sit a spell when you get it covered with vines.

DWPittelli said...


I've had no luck finding Rosa 'Altissimo' on its own roots. I may buy it grafted, plant that on the left end of the trellis, and have good trellis coverage next year.

In the meantime, I'd take some Altissimo cuttings this year in case the rose dies over the winter. I'd have to buy it pretty soon to get faster, softwood cuttings; my basement seed-starting setup with bottom heat should work well, but I haven't actually done any cuttings so far, so I don't know what my success rate will be.

Anonymous said...

Comment not connected with your trellis, but is always nice to see another Pittelli succeding. From the very South (Argentina), un abrazo.