Thursday, July 26, 2007

Best Chicken Ever Goes Down

Sadly, I must report that yesterday as I was driving down Summer Street in Adams, I saw that the Jolly Butcher shop has signs in the window saying "We Are Now Permanently Closed." So another tasty establishment has gone down the tubes. Their pressure-fried chicken was beyond compare (OK, it was a bit like KFC, if KFC used better chicken and had consistent quality control). They also had good raw meat. (See "It’s all about the Ribeye.") Apparently, they just didn't have enough customers.

The problem with depressed retail in Adams and North Adams is of course a lot broader than one shop or even retail in general. And for Summer Street, the relative absence of through-traffic and of out-of-towners adds to the difficulties. Since our main street (actually named Park Street, aka route 8), while busier, also has empty store-fronts, I'd think the longer run solution for this town is for most of the Summer Street shops to move to Park. Of course, if I owned real estate on Summer Street I'd probably feel differently. Hopefully, the new Topia will entice some new customers and businesses to Park regardless.

I haven't had any connection to the retail business since I was in college. And I can't think of any retail concept crying out for a presence here. Except possibly for a bike shop with espresso and ice cream, since the Ashuwillticook ends right at the center of Adams. (However, there is a good bike/outdoors shop a couple miles away.)

Apart from a casino, does anyone have a retail wish, or an idea for something they think could do well in Adams or North Adams?


Southview said...

How can I explain.....Back in them thar good old days Park St. was a jumpin street, and Summer St. was more like the main St. #2. Family stores could survive, very nicely thank you, because everyone shopped in town and you usually were on a first name bases with the proprietor. They prided themselves on quality and service and that's how they survived. in NA my mother use to call in her order to Less's Market once a week and Jimmy Daughton would deliver to the house. SAY WHAT? Would be nice if that kind of service was available today. They may not have really been the GOOD old days, but some things were GOOD in the old days.

Anonymous said...

This is Craig and Brenda owners of The Jolly Butcher.
Business did decline a bit but the real problem was that Brenda has a medical condition that we have not been able to control, between her full time job and the Shoppe we were both working 70+ hours per week, this was not helping to control her medical problems. ( Doctors Orders were to curtail some of the hours at work).
So we decided to sell the business.

David THANK YOU for your business and your kind comments.

Craig Dean/Brenda Andrews

DWPittelli said...

Craig & Brenda,

Sorry I jumped to conclusions, and that the reality is in a way more serious. I hope you get well soon.