Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pink and Purple Season

The early yellows (Narcissus) are gone, and now it's pink and purple (and mauve) season, at least in my garden, featuring Dianthus (pinks, lower left), Iris, Allium (chives), Lupinus, and Tradescantia (purple near the center, bright pink to extreme right). Not shown: Perovskia (Russian sage), Nepeta (catmint), Digitalis (foxglove). Photo taken June 12; today the clumps of low Sedum (in wall, lower right) showed visible yellow buds, and Alchemilla (ladies' mantle) was starting its chartreuse bloom. Warmer yellows, reds and oranges will become more common over the summer, with Hemerocallis (daylily) and various daisies taking the lead. This seems the most common color progression. Perhaps you have a different scheme?


Southview said...

Yes your labors look real nice. The purple "Old Lady Flowers" (That's what I call them) are blooming here nicely also, but will be gone soon and all that will be left is greenery! This year the wild flowers are doing exceptually strong and are hanging on.

Anonymous said...

Well... so your a useless "stay at home daddy" who spends all his time bolstering himself with schooling on his wifeys money... and you haven't even the time to update your blog with decent material at least twice a month?? Pfft. Whatever. Give it up...

DWPittelli said...

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but not really, since your opportunity cost is nil. Also:

1) I haven't been a student since I was 21 (21 years ago). I have been working part time.

2) Are stay-at-home moms also useless, or just the dads?

3) Do you remain anonymous because you are embarrassed by:
a) your reactionary attitudes?
b) your inability to figure out the apostrophe?
c) the obvious fact that you're compensating for an inadequate member?