Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Spring Comes and Goes

With today's hail, sleet and slush I am reminded of Henry Mitchell's "On the Defiance of Gardeners." It is, of course, absurd to complain of ice storms in early April, in Massachusetts, unless it is actually a complaint about the decision to live here. And I like living here. Anyway, I don't feel particularly defiant, because I've got it easy. But these guys, these guys are defiant today, looking just as in this photo (from yesterday, 4/3/2007) except for the inch of frozen slush at their feet.


Greg said...

I do miss the gardening climate and soils of the Pacific Northwest. Such defiance was rarely needed. Nothing is quite as stunning as the Skagit Valley in April.

DWPittelli said...

I think I'd like living there, too, but distances and family pretty much rule it out for me.

Southview said...

There is the Garden of Eden then there is North Adams in April...:~)