Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fritillaria Look Upon Menacing Neighbors

My Fritillaria meleagris (snake's head fritillaries) are blooming. Here we see them facing the menace of aggressive neighbors -- not in the 100-year-old house at top, but rather the Lonicera stump behind them, sprouting freely now in its attempt to recreate itself as a 10' x 10' bush, and the Aegopodium podagraria groundcover which has spread around and well beyond them. Both invasives are covered in the previous post.


Alyssa said...

I love snake's head but I'm afraid it's no match for the goat's weed. The tarp idea in your previous post is a good one. That stuff is nearly impossible to get rid of. I don't envy you. Keeping the honeysuckle in bounds should work well - we've done that and they make rather pretty small shrubs. Nice foliage. Love your moss garden - they take almost as much patience as the "Japanese knife garden" - but it will be quite classy when mature. Very nice blog. Thank you, Alyssa

DWPittelli said...

I don't intend to make the Fritillary battle it out for its turf. Plucking, Roundup and an opaque covering will all be brought to bear.